Konami Adds TATE Mode Support To Its Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection


    Arcade Classics Collection

    If there’s one extra feature that should probably be included in more re-releases, remasters and remakes on the Switch, it’s TATE mode. The design of Nintendo’s system means it is incredibly easy to play games upright when you slide off the Joy-Con.

    One recent release that failed to include this option was Konami’s Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection. Considering it was mostly comprised of shoot ’em ups, it was a tad disappointing TATE mode wasn’t present. Thankfully, an update has improved the situation. Version 1.0.2 adds TATE mode support to A-JAX, Scramble and TwinBee.

    Will you be returning to this game now that it supports this mode, or have you moved onto Castlevania? Leave a comment below.

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