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 fans are waiting for official confirmation about the December Community Day event.

Niantic traditionally reveals the Community Day lineup and date following the conclusion of the previous event.

But despite the Cyndaquil event taking place on November 10, Niantic is yet to reveal any details about December.

There’s even speculation that the December event has been cancelled due to the holiday season.

While the Pokemon Go developer has remained tight-lipped about the December Community Day event, a recent Niantic Support tweet suggests it hasn’t been cancelled.

Asked for more details about the Community Day event, Niantic Support tweeted:”We’ll be making an announcement with all of this information soon, keep an eye on the @PokemonGOApp channel for details.”

Likewise, fans who click on the Community Day section of the Pokemon Go website are told to “check back soon for more details”. This would suggest that an announcement is imminent. 

You can take a look at the future Community Day contenders in the gallery below…

Assuming Niantic does run the December Community Day event, it’s likely to take place on the weekend of December 15/16.

It seems like too short notice to hold the event before the 15/16, while the Christmas event is likely to be in full swing on the weekend of December 22/23.

Needless to say, if it’s anything like past events, it will take place between 10am and 1pm.

The next mystery revolves around the identity of the headline Pocket Monster.

Earlier this year, a Silph Road post correctly claimed that Chikorita would headline the September event and Cyndaquil would be the star of the November event.

Slakoth, Ralts and Trapinch were also tipped to appear, so expect to see one of them headline December.

It’s also possible that a Gen 4 Pokemon will take centre stage, beginning with Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup.

There’s always the chance that we’ll get some Christmas-themed Pokemon like Delibird, Abomasnow or Stantler.

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