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Square Enix news round-up kicks off with an update on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and on a highly anticipated port of the original. As fans wait for news on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake gamers have once again had their say about the upcoming JRPG revival. Famitsu gamers have once again voted the Final Fantasy 7 Remake as their most highly anticipated game on the horizon. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake received hundreds more votes than the second placed game on the most wanted wishlist, which was Devil May Cry 5.

The news comes as more details have emerged about the Final Fantasy 7 port coming to the Nintendo Switch.

As reported in a post by NintendoSoup, pre-orders for the Final Fantasy 7 Switch version have opened.

FF7 on the Switch will weigh in at 3.7GB and will support save data cloud backup.

Final Fantasy 7 is coming to the Switch on March 26. It marks the first time FF7 has been released on a Nintendo console.


As many fans will know, Final Fantasy 7 originally started development as a SNES game with an N64 version later considered.

You can even find clips online of a tech demo Square created to see what Final Fantasy on the N64 would have looked like.

However, the CD format of the PlayStation led Square to move development to Sony’s console – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Kingdom Hearts fans who are itching for more content after Kingdom Hearts 3 have been given a boost.


As fans wait for news on Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC, a free VR experience is set to release very soon.

As reported in a post by HITC, the Kingdom Hearts 3 VR Experience will be available to download from the PS Store on February 28.

It’s a 10 minute interactive music video that recaps some of the most iconic moments from the Kingdom Hearts series.

And finally the Square Enix news round-up ends with news about Final Fantasy 8.

Final Fantasy 8 is a much-loved entry in the series, and recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Plenty of fans took to Twitter to look back fondly on Squall and Rinoa’s moving, heartfelt PS1 adventure.

But the Square Enix Twitter did not acknowledge this landmark, with no mention of FF8 on its 20th birthday.

Plenty of Final Fantasy games have been ported by Square Enix in recent years, with a huge back catalogue available on Android and iOS.

On smartphones every numbered Final Fantasy game from the original through to FF7 is available on iOS and Android.

But FF8 is then strangely absent, with FF9 the next numbered entry available on iOS and Android.

While most recently a slew of Final Fantasy games were revealed as coming to the Switch, with FF8 again missing.

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